College Path: Mentoring and Application Coaching

A Global Perspective

Sixth grade through high school graduation can feel like a mad jumble.  It’s hard to step back and gain perspective on life and school, the past and future, fears and hopes. 

Enter Achieve 360, a philosophical approach that looks at students as more than an algorithm of numbers, grades and line items on a resume.

We’ve been there. We’ve seen it and we get it.  Sports, family, social circles and life in general can often conflict with high achievement and overall well-being. 

At Achieve, we look at the whole picture, examining our students from all angles.  

We evaluate school dynamics, student attitudes, time commitments, workload, abilities, stresses, passions and individual differences to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it will take for our students to exceed their potential.  We then apply what we know and create an overall plan of action.

Achieve 360 is our way of insuring that the essence of who you are as a person doesn’t not get lost in the process of high school acceptance, grades, standardized tests, college applications and matriculation.

Path to College

Some of our Achieve students have their college list by the time they start high school. Others have no idea where they want to go until the fall of senior year. 

Either way, all of our students have academic excellence in their future and acceptance to an exceptional college on the horizon. But the path can be tricky and filled with anxiety. 

We are often asked, “What’s the best way to guarantee you’ll get into the college of your dreams?” The easy answer, “Have mommy and daddy donate a library.”

For those who don’t have 30 million dollars to spare, the path to college is a more complicated, challenging process that generates a lot of questions.

And this path starts earlier than you might guess. Public or private middle school? High school? Which classes should I consider? How many APs and honors courses? What activities should I commit to? Which tests should I take and when? What makes a great application essay? How important are extra curricular activities?

As it becomes increasingly more difficult to get into a good college, making the right choices is more important than ever.

At Achieve, we help students and parents through these critical decisions defining a road map to college specific to each individual student, their skills, their interests, their passions and their dreams.

We straighten the curves in the winding road, and create a simple, straightforward plan of action.

We’ll work directly with your high school counselor or other educational consultant to make sure everyone is on the headed in the same direction.

Mentoring One Student at a Time

Achieve Tutorials has been helping students maximize their academic potential to earn higher grades, get better test scores, and gain acceptance to the country’s most prestigious universities for over 10 years.  

More Yoda than Superman, we’re not just here to save the day, we are committed to teaching students how to create their own success stories.

We understand that each student has a unique set of skills that don’t always match the way that material is presented and performance is judged.  

Achieve can provide a fresh perspective, a creative way of explaining something or just a kind ear that unlocks a seemingly impossible solution and clears a path to greatness.

Because we work individually with a student and identify their strengths and challenges, when Achieve students find themselves in a class that is particularly ambitious, they know they already have a tutor who is familiar with their academic vocabulary to quickly break down the material into language they understand.

We take pride in connecting with a student throughout their high school academic career from admissions testing to graduation.  

So, when it comes to prep for the SAT and even college interviews, we instinctively know what areas will require more effort and focus for each student and what areas we can simply review. 

Achieve students get the most out of their time because it is informed, focused and purposeful. 

Together, we can do this.

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