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Prelearning is a powerful tool to help students become better learners and students. It involves taking a look at material before it is covered in class, such as skimming over outlines, watching condensed videos, or looking at examples in a math book. Doing so can help students get better grades and understand the material more effectively. It also allows them to take better notes and build better relationships with their teachers. Prelearning is a key step for students to improve their learning skills.



[0:00:03]  In today’s video step number one of a five step process to make you a better learner and a better student. So you want to boost your retention, boost your learning skills? There’s a very simple way to do that. It does take a little bit of self-discipline. It’s called pre-learning. And pre-learning is a process by which you look over the material you study, even briefly, the material that you’re going to cover in class, before you cover that material. It can take a lot of different forms.

[0:00:33]   You can skim over an outline, a chapter in a history book. You can watch a condensed video, something like a crash course video, so that you’re introducing yourself to the concepts and the ideas before you do that, or looking over a math chapter and looking over the examples in a math book before you cover them in class. Now, this is a really, really effective way to get that information into your brain, because when you learn the material in class, you’re already going to have an introduction. You can focus on the material in class that is maybe a little bit more complex or a little bit more confusing.

[0:01:08]   You will know a little bit more effectively how to take notes in class, and we’ll get the note taking in our next lesson. Pre-learning can be really effective, and studies show that this is true. You can score higher on quizzes and tests, get better overall grades, have a better understanding of what’s going on in class so you can participate more and build better relationships with your teachers. Next time, we’re going to look at effective notetaking in class.

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