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Pete discusses the three essential elements to include in college application essays. He emphasizes the importance of showcasing one’s personality, including emotions and vulnerability. Pete also highlights the significance of positivity, as colleges seek optimistic individuals who believe in a better future. Lastly, he encourages introspection and self-reflection to demonstrate a growth mindset. By incorporating these elements, students can create compelling essays that stand out to college admissions officers. 


Hi, everyone. It’s Pete from Achieve Tutorials, and today we’re going to talk about the three things everyone needs to include in their college application essays. But before we get to that, if you haven’t subscribed or followed us, please do so. If you’ve seen our video on the top seven essay topics to avoid, then you’re already on the right track for crafting a winning essay. We’re building on that today by talking out the three things you need to include in your essays. 

0:00:29 Number one on the list: YOU. You need to include your personality. I can’t tell you how many drafts of college application essays I’ve read that tell me nothing about the student who wrote the essay, and I mean nothing. College application essays offer you the chance to make yourself a real, interesting person to college admissions officers. And to do that, you need to insert your personality, or at least the best parts of your personality, into your essay. 

0:00:58 Don’t be afraid to show emotion. In fact, you really need to include your own emotionality in the essay. You want to be emotionally vulnerable, which shows that you are mature, emotionally, and self confident. But you also want to include what’s number two on our list: Positivity. Colleges want to fill their lecture halls and dorms with optimistic, positive people. Sure, they want people who can overcome challenges. They want people who take learning seriously, but they actually put a really high priority on Positivity. This is partially because people who are positive believe in a better future and are willing to work hard to get to that better future. 

0:01:39. So make sure your essay has a positive, forward looking spin. And that takes us to number three on our list: Introspection. Colleges also want thoughtful students, kids who can look inside themselves and have a growth mindset. I often tell my students that the college application essay process is a really healthy process of discovery, where you can think about who you are as a person and who you want to become as a person. 

0:02:08. And self reflection and introspection are a great way to present that growth mindset that colleges are looking for. So that’s it. The big three of what to include in your college application essay: Yourself, Positivity, and Introspection. I hope that helps, and I’ll catch you guys next time. 

0:02:28 Thank you for watching. And for more information information you can go to our website for more videos on our blog or subscribe to our YouTube or Instagram feeds. And don’t forget, aim higher.

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