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Pete explains how one of his students was struggling with precalculus and was getting low B’s. After working with Pete, the student started prelearning – studying material two weeks ahead of what was going to be taught in class – and his grades suddenly went up to nearly an A. Prelearning is an effective way for students to understand the material better and increase their confidence. Pete encourages everyone to give it a try and contact Achieve Tutorials if they have any questions.


0:00:00  You. Hi, everyone. It’s Pete from Achieve Tutorials, and today I’m going to follow up on a video we did on prelearning with a specific example of how prelearning helped one of my students to get ahead. But before we get to that, please click on that subscribe or follow button. 

As you may recall, pre learning is when you study material, even briefly, before your teacher presents it in class. Now, I recently had a student who was struggling to get a low B in his precalculus class.

0:00:30  The material was just coming at him too fast, and he didn’t feel like he fully understood it until after he’d taken the test. 

We spent our first few sessions catching him up, but then I moved on to prelearning. I taught him what was coming up, working about two weeks ahead in his class. We didn’t have time to go terribly in depth, but that’s absolutely fine with pre learning. The point is that when he got to class and the teacher introduced this new material, he had a strong understanding of the basics, enough that he could keep up with what the teacher was saying, take good notes, and participate in class.

0:01:02  Over the next four tests, he didn’t score below a 97. His B- in the class was suddenly teetering on an A with a few weeks left in the class. His hard work and willingness to work ahead—to prelearn—paid off big time for him. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t going to be any B’s or C’s on math tests in his future, but his understanding of the material, his enjoyment of the class, have skyrocketed, boosting not only his grades, but also his confidence.

0:01:31  So if you haven’t tried pre learning, get out there and give it a shot. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for you. That’s it for now. Go out and have curious day guys. I’ll see you later. 

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