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Location is an important factor in determining where to study. To get the most out of your study session, it’s best to find a quiet place free from distractions. Music with lyrics can be particularly distracting, so avoid it if possible. Visual stimuli can also be a hindrance, so try to find a spot with minimal visual clutter. Additionally, it’s best to turn off screens and phones unless you’re actively using them. Lastly, if you’re struggling with focusing in the same location, don’t be afraid to move somewhere else for a fresh perspective.


[0:00:03]  In today’s video, we’re going to tap into an old real estate adage: Location, location, location. Location is everything in real estate. It’s also a really important aspect of where you study and how you study location.

[0:00:17]  For you, the best place to study really depends on a lot of factors. It might be in your bedroom, might be at a library, it might be at a kitchen table. There are lots of different places, but there are important aspects to any place that you learn or study.

[0:00:29]  And the first is that you find a place that is quiet and as free from distraction as possible. And when I say quiet, I probably mean shut the music off. Studies have shown that music, especially music with lyrics, actually distracts from learning. Studies do show that there are some types of music that benefit studying and learning, but they’re not songs with lyrics in them.

[0:00:53]  So as much as you think you study effectively with music playing in the background that has lyrics, you don’t. Sorry. Science proves it.

[0:01:01]  Okay, number two, try to avoid places with a lot of visual stimuli. If you’re constantly being distracted, your eyes are moving around all over the place, it’s going to be hard to stay focused on the material you want. So I wouldn’t say it has to be an incredibly boring spot, but it just has to be free from a lot of distraction that is visually distracting, visual stimuli. Next tip for your location, turn off screens. Unless you are using them, screens can be extremely distracting.

[0:01:30]  So if you’re on a computer and rou’re doing work on a computer, great. Leave the screen on, but shut the phone off, right? In fact, utilize these do not disturb or focus modes on mobile phones so that you can really stay focused in your intense study session on what you’re learning and what you’re focusing on.

[0:01:45]  And finally, if your location isn’t working, don’t be afraid to get up and move. Go somewhere else. Try something else. Sometimes sitting in the same spot over and over and over again can get a little tedious and you might just have to get up and move.

[0:01:59]  I like finding a specific location, but breaking off from that and moving somewhere else when you need a little extra break from the routine and the drudgery, it’s kind of like rearranging the furniture in your room. Sometimes it gives you a really good, fresh perspective.

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