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AP Testing 2020

AP testing is changing significantly because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here is everything students and parents need to know about the new format and schedule, and how to prep for the tests.


This year, all tests will have only free response questions (FRQs), with no multiple choice sections. Most tests will have one or two free response questions. In addition:

  • Test will be open book and open note.
  • Students can take the test on virtually any device: computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Student MUST access the testing system 30 minutes before the exams start to sign in and get set up online.
  • Most APs will be 45 minutes long.
  • After the end of the test, students have 5 minutes to upload their responses.
  • Responses can be typed and uploaded or hand-written and submitted as a photo.
  • All tests will include only information that most AP classes covered by most classes by early March (for specific content For each course, find your course on the College Board website.)
  • AP World Languages students will have two spoken tasks, and no written responses.
  • A few courses (2-D and 3-D Art Design, Drawing, Computer Science Principles, Research and Seminar) will not have online exams, but will use portfolio submissions. They will be due May 26.

How to Prepare

Undoubtedly, you’ll be reviewing in your classes online, but not all teachers are going to be good at online teaching yet, so you need to step up your efforts and use all the resources at your disposal.

  • Make sure you know what’s on your specific test (see the College Board website.)
  • Take online review courses from the College Board on the AP YouTube channel.
  • Review your old notes, quizzes and tests thoroughly.
  • Organize your notes very systematically so you can access them rapidly.
  • Tab your textbook so you can find information rapidly.
  • Practice as many Free Respons Questions (FRQs) as possible
    • The are many years of FRQs available on the College Board website within each course specific page. Start here to find your course material.
  • Get help! Reach out to your tutor (or call us to get set up with an expert!)

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AP Prep Package

While we applaud the College Board for moving APs online, the unknowns of this new structure can cause a lot of anxiety. Add to that the fact that students will be primarily tested on material they learned last semester, and prepping for the APs requires a strong, systematic approach. That’s why we’re offering a special AP Prep Package, which includes:

  • 10 hours of expert tutorials
  • All materials included
  • Effective scheduling for optimal prep
  • Tips for testing at home

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2020 AP Test Schedule

The College Board has finally announced the AP schedule. Test will be given online Monday May 11 – Friday May 15 and Monday May 18 – Friday May 22. Tests will start at 9am, 11am and 1pm Pacific Time (test will be given on the same day at the same time all around the world, so if you’re in a different time zone, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.)

2020 Online AP Schedule

9am Pacific Time

(8:30 sign in)

11am Pacific Time

(10:30 sign in)

1pm Pacific Time

(12:30 sign in)

Mon. May 11 Physics C: Mechanics Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism United States Government and Politics
Tue. May 12 Latin

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

Human Georgraphy
Wed. May 13 Physics 2: Algebra-Based English Literature and Composition European History
Thu. May 14 Spanish Literature and Culture Chemistry Physics 1: Algebra-Based
Fri. May 15 Art History United States History Computer Science A
Mon. May 18 Chinese Language and Culture Biology Environmental Science
Tue. May 19 Music Theory Psychology Japanese Language and Culture
Wed. May 20 German Language and Culture English Language and Composition Microeconomics
Thu. May 21 French Language and Culture World History: Modern Macroeconomics
Fri. May 22 Comparative Government and Politics Statistics Spanish Culture and Language

There will be make-up tests offered June 1-5.

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